Printing means expressing the thoughts and imaginations on the paper with the help of machine or copying images continuously.

The material used to express the true colours is ink. nature has given 7 colours in its rainbow but the 4 basic colours - CMYK with numerous permutation and combination from infinite colours.

It was the need of the hour that the ink to be selected should be:
  • Optimum ink superior permeability
  • Good ink transferance with excellent half tone printability in high speed
  • Environment friendly product to reduced harm to excellent workability having neglegible misting and pilling on blanket.
  • No colour change after printing having good water pick up and emulsifying charactor
“KORINK” is one of the fastest growing brands in ink industry, with a very short span of time the company has improved remarkably in terms of depthness and coverage with existing quality, we do hope to achieve highest standard of offset printign result
Vaibhav Jain (Anupam Art Printers, Naraina, Delhi)
“KORINK” has excellent results high performance.
Sanjay Jain (Pritha Offset Pvt. Ltd., Naraina, Delhi)
Ab tak jitni inks use ki, “korink” se behter koi nahi, kamaal ki chamak, kamaal ki depth!!!
Manmohan kumar Arora (Tera - Hi - Tera Press, Dhakka, Delhi)
“KORINK” never used such ink from day one there is no complaint and using from may 2010
Sanjeev Sachdeva / Umesh Bhardwaj (Rolleract Press Services, Naraina, Delhi)
“KORINK” has changed our results from good to excellant.
Viren Jain (V.K.Printer, Mathura)
“KORINK” Best Results/ Better Millage/ Better Ink water balance finally matchless ink.
Vinod Kumar Sharma (V.K.Offset Printer, Jaipur)
“kORINK” good quality results suitable for food industry b'coz of soy oil base. needed body adjustment in yellow
S.Sarabjeet Singh (Sangat Printers Pvt. Ltd., Naraina, New Delhi)
“DENSO” good millage, good printing results but lacs gloss.
Ashish / Hari Singh (Indev Engineers, Mayapuri, New Delhi)
Thanks to the suppliers of “KORINK” and “DENSO” for providing a good ink for our newly installed high speed heidelberg cd.
Satish Malhotra (Swan Press, Naraina, New Delhi)
“KORINK” its a good ink with better milage only gloss needed to improve.
Yogesh Kalra (Megnatek Cards and Gifts Pvt. Ltd., Naraina, Delhi)
“Korink/Denso” value for money thanks to korink to making our press to one ink concept, fully satisfied at 16000 speed on our brand new komori super lithrone 429 with its high performance and the best part “no misting”. the only thing if someone asked me to do in this ink is to have more gloss as if we always going to ask for more and more gloss in ink.
Vikas Arora (Royal Offset Printer, Naraina, New Delhi)
“KORINK” good millage, excellent gloss and fast drying ink, in nut shell a good ink in all respect.
kamal Chauhan (Unique Prints, Naraina, Delhi)
“KORINK” only one word - "Amazing"
T.N. Sharma (Guru kirpa print-n-pack Pvt. Ltd., Noida)